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WonDae  원대

  • Full name: Seol WonDae
  • Stage name: Wondae
  • Age: 20 (International) and 22 (Korean)
  • Birthday: April 28th 1998 (Taurus)
  • Blood type is AB
  • 180cm/63kg (5′9″/138lbs)
  • Auditioned for DY Entertainment with “Someone Like You” by Adele
  • Oldest member of Dongkiz
  • Was a trainee for 3 years prior to debut
  • Leader of DKZ 
  • Nicknamed “sexy leader”
  • English name is Ryan (?)
  • Tallest member of Dongkiz
  • Hasn’t specified his favorite food, as he “eats anything well”
  • Has the best English out of all of the other members
  • Favorite genre of music: Pop, Hip Hop, R&B
  • Has been practicing Ed Sheeran’s Thinking Out Loud and Roy Kim’s latest song (Only Then?)
  • He wants to visit Europe
  • He’d like to travel anywhere he could perform
  • Prefers to wear all black
  • If he could choose a concept for debut/comeback it would be “dark, mysterious” 
  • Prefers indoors to the outside
  • Prefers upbeat songs to slow and sad (but will listen to both)
  • Was a tenor in his high school choir
  • If he were a snack he would be an onion ring, because they are his favorite. (Most likely did not understand the subtext in this question)
  • He would be the heart eyes emoji
  • NCT along with others inspired him to become an idol
  • Favorite group is NCT (his bias is Mark Lee)
  • He would be an actor if he wasn’t an idol
  • Wants to learn Spanish
  • Currently learning Japanese and Chinese
  • Favorite Movie: Love, Rosie
  • Performed AB’s dance cover of BTS’ Fake Love in the role of R.M
  • Performed AB’s dance cover of Pentagon’s Shine in the role of ShinWon.
  • Languages: Korean and English
  • A fan once told him he had stolen their heart and asked when he would give it back. His response: “I’m not gonna give it back to you! Thank you so much! <3″ 
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