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MunIk  문익

  • Full name: Jang MunIk
  • Stage name: Unknown pre-debut, going by Munik
  • Age: 17 (International) 19 (Korean)
  • Birthday: March 20th 2001 (Pisces)
  • Blood type: A
  • Height: 173cm/50kg (5′7″/110lbs)
  • Auditioned for DY Entertainment as a dancer with a Snoop Dog remix
  • Wants to dye his hair bright colors
  • Prefers loose fitting(comfy) clothes
  • Would want the superpower of flight
  • Likes cats and dogs (has 1 cat, 2 dogs, and 2 hamsters at home)
  • Biggest dream is to stay singing and dancing until he is 60
  • Special talent is being “cute”
  • Has been training in Kendo since he was a child, and placed 2dan
  • Favorite texts to get are “sweet” (sincere) texts
  • Favorite colors are black, white and grey
  • Favorite season is Spring (because that’s his birthday month)
  • Liked P.E and Science but disliked Writing class
  • Favorite English word is “Possibility”
  • Likes rainbow sherbet ice cream 
  • Favorite flower is cherry blossom
  • Favorite emoticon is the baby shark emoji
  • Likes learning girl group dances because they’re hard
  • If he went on a date he would dress in Classy Clothes vs. Bad Boy Style
  • Wants to travel to Switzerland and America
  • If he could pick a concept for debut/comeback it would be “Bright”
  • Likes “flour food”, noodles, and when given the choice picks chicken as his favorite type of meat. 
  • If he went to the moon, he would want to play with rabbits. (I honestly don’t think I translated that wrong either)
  • Favorite song is Spring Day by BTS
  • Performed AB’s dance cover of BTS’ Fake Love in the role of Jungkook. aka “the one with abs”
  • Performed AB’s dance cover of Pentagon’s Shine in the role of E’dawn. 
  • Languages: Korean, English
  • Recruitment story: Enrolled into a dance academy and for the first 2 weeks had been practicing with a friend for a dance audition/competition. 1 week before the competition his friend backed out and Munik decided to learn 3 dance routines by himself in 1 week. Thankfully he did well in the competition and received a company card from Dongyo entertainment.
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