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JaeChan 재찬

  • Full name: Park JaeChan 
  • Stage name: Unknown pre-debut, going by Jaechan
  • Age: 17 (International) 19 (Korean)
  • Birthday: December 6th 2001 (Sagittarius)
  • Blood type: O
  • 177cm/58kg (5′8″/127lbs)
  • Auditioned for DY Entertainment as a rapper
  • Wanted to be a scientist when he was a kid
  • Prefers loose fitting clothing
  • Favorite webtoon is M.F
  • Afraid of worms
  • Favorite emoticon is the dinosaur emoji
  • Favorite coffee is an Americano
  • Loves dogs
  • Would like his voice to be smoother (warmer)
  • Wants to try having white hair
  • Listens to the Stray Kids
  • Listens to music to de-stress
  • Believes in aliens
  • Hobbies: drawing characters
  • Favorite thing to do in winter is to stay home with food.
  • Won prize at Korea Arts Conservatory music competition with MIDI (keyboard)
  • Favorite movie genre: calm. (I can’t translate this any better)
  • Favorite food is chicken or pizza
  • Song Recommendation: Surf Shop – Legit Goons
  • Favorite English word: “Identity”
  • Is like the Nyan Cat
  • Wants to become a singer/performer like G-Dragon
  • Favorite album is “boy” by OffonOff
  • Chicken vs. Pizza
  • Mountain vs. Sea
  • Cola vs. Cider
  • Summer vs. Winter
  • Motto: Live the life you want, love the life you live.
  • Performed AB’s dance cover of BTS’ Anpanman in the role of R.M.
  • Performed AB’s dance cover of Pentagon’s Shine in the role of Jinho.
  • Languages: Korean, English and (conversational) Mandarin. 
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