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JongHyeong 종형

  • Full name: Kim Jonghyeong
  • Stage name: Kim Bell (literal translation of his name)
  • Age: 16 (International) and 18 (Korean)
  • Birthday: April 13th 2002 (Aries)
  • Blood type: AB
  • 178cm/66kg (5′8″/145lbs)
  • Auditioned for DY Entertainment with “Shape of You” by Ed Sheeran, “Rocket” by Beyoncé, and “Effort” by Park Won
  • Maknae of DKZ
  • If he were an animal he’d be a desert fox
  • Favorite animal is cat and monkey
  • Favorite season is Fall
  • Likes both coffee and tea
  • Favorite colors are cool blue, black and white
  • Favorite video game is Tales Runner
  • Favorite movie genre: romance, drama, romcom
  • Favorite English word is “Respect”
  • Won third place at a municipal speed skating competition
  • Won multiple prizes at dance competitions during middle and high school
  • Was vice president in elementary school (When asked why he wasn’t President, he responded “probably because I was 2nd most popular”)
  • Plays guitar
  • Idol group is Monsta X and would like to perform with them one day.
  • Wants to cover “One More Step” – Monsta X Kihyun and “When Autumn Comes” – Monday Kiz
  • Doesn’t like doing “the worm” dance move
  • He has four siblings
  • Likes Maneuljjong
  • Favorite singer is Lim Yoon-taek
  • Favorite song: Town Bar by Huh Gak & Choi Jung in
  • Favorite place to be: Anywhere on stage
  • He wants to be the best at live performances once they debut
  • If he could pick a concept for debut/comeback it would be “manly” 
  • Prefers to wear loose fit and street clothing, but currently wears casual/ minimalist. 
  • Special talents are girl group dances
  • Can identify who is shaking his hand without looking at them
  • Performed AB’s dance cover of BTS’ Anpanman in the role of Jungkook.
  • Performed AB’s dance cover of Pentagon’s Shine in the role of Kino.
  • Languages: Korean, English
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